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Get Paid to Speak: How to Become Professional Motivational Speakers

November 18, 2016 Bradley Underwood 0

A public speaker who is invited to deliver speeches that are designed to inspire or motivate other people is called a motivational speaker. They may attempt to transform or challenge the audience to take action toward a certain goal. Nowadays, it is mostly businesses and academic institutions that employ these speakers for various purposes: to communicate the institution’s strategy clearly, help the students or employees see a better future, and inspire others to pull themselves together. Their speech is sometimes known as pep talk too.

The job of motivational speakers is very noble as well as tricky. Their influence is meant to direct others toward achieving a positive result in their life. However, there are others who may take these speakers’ pep talks toward a different direction. For these people, giving them a pep talk may be counterproductive. To avoid such situations, the speakers must be careful in how they present their talks.

For people who take inspiration from motivational speakers, they may strive to become one. For that, they need to know the steps they need to take to become a motivational speaker. There are certain things that people can do, qualities they can hone, and qualifications they can acquire. Here are some of the steps to take note of in aiming to become an inspirational speaker.

Motivational Speaker

Step #1: Discover Your Assets

Your assets are your greatest weapons when you become a motivational speaker. Discovering your asset as a speaker requires you to ask yourself several questions. Here are some of those questions that you should ask to yourself which can help you gain an insight on what you can offer as a speaker:

  • What are your greatest talents?
  • What are your special abilities, if you have any?
  • Do you have any proprietary information to share?
  • Do you have interesting experiences that can inspire?
  • Are you an expert in some areas?

If you can answer these questions positively, then that means that there is something of value you can offer to other people. Discovering your asset is essential to take a step forward to becoming an inspirational speaker.

Step #2: Design the Product

Basically, you have to take your assets into account and package them into a product that you can offer to the audience. This may include things like the presentation you give, events you organize, and the resources (books, CDs, videos, etc.) you develop personally. At times, it may be your services which include consulting or coaching.

Step #3: Develop Your Market

Motivational SpeakersIt is necessary for motivational speakers to have a market. By having a market, the speaker can find an audience they can talk to about their assets. Start by identifying the unique selling point of your product. Naming the selling point makes it easier to remember. After that, identify potential customers. Promoting yourself as a speaker to customers who will find value in what you have to say is easier that way.

You will then have to promote yourself through various means. It can be through the use of social media or through cold calls. Don’t forget to demonstrate the legitimacy and validity of what you have to offer as a speaker.

Step #4: Determine Your Value

Check with even planners in your area to easily determine your value as a speaker. Event planners are the ones who are in frequent need of inspirational speakers so it is easier to determine your value through them. Also, you should not forget to re-evaluate your value in the market on a regularly basis. Keep yourself up-to-date about the industry you are in.

When it comes to determining your value, you should be realistic about it. Know your limitations as a motivational speaker. Understand what are the things or topic that you can and cannot speak about.

Try to be generous as well. If the opportunity presents itself, be willing to do free events. These free events can help spread your name not only in the circle of motivational speakers but also among potential customer. Through these events, people will know that you are indeed a good speaker and that you have life lessons worth listening to. The free events can be useful for you since you are still starting out in this industry.

Through these steps, you should be able to have an easier time launching your speaking career. Of course, you have to put in effort and hard work too. Through effort, hard work, and right strategies, you can become the kind of motivational speaker you have always desired.

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Taylormade Golf Hybrid Clubs: Your Solution to Optimum Performance

November 17, 2016 Anthony Olson 0

A Taylormade golf hybrid clubs belong to the group of clubs that can help you perform better. They replace irons as they provide a lighter weight yet exhibit the same performance. For instance, if you find it hard for you to use a number 3 iron, a number 3 hybrid club can replace it.

The hybrid clubs from Taylormade go by the name “Rescue.” As what its name implies, these clubs are specially designed to be an alternative club without sacrificing the performance. It improves the player’s ability to swing the club. Yes, this is the best club for beginners with their lightness.

There are six types of hybrid Taylormade golf clubs you can choose from:

  • The Burner Rescue
  • The Rescue TP
  • The Rescue Dual TP Hybrids
  • The r7 Draw Rescue

Taylormade golf

Burner Rescue

The Burner Rescue is one of the specially made for golfers with a swing speed of 70 to 105 mph. It has a large head for more perimeter weighting. The Burner Rescue also has a center of gravity which is a bit lower than some models.
The Burner Rescue provides a high trajectory when shot. This means that the club is easy to hit, making it a good selection for those who are starting with golf.

Another feature the Burner has is the Steel Pull-Face. It is a construction which provides the club with a high COR or coefficient or restitution. This will allow the club to a spring like effect resulting to hitting the ball to a longer traveling distance.

The club has four models available: 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids. These come in both women’s and left handed versions.

The Rescue TP

The Rescue TP is made for players with higher driver swing speed from 90 to 115 mph. This Taylormade golf club is used by professionals and is great for handicapped players who can hit solid shots.
Unlike the Burner, the Rescue TP has a shallow face since it is for professionals. The angle is lower and has lesser backspin.

There are four clubs available in this model: 1, 2, 3, and 4 hybrids. The 4 hybrid has a type made for left handed player. Since only a few women can perform 90 to 115 mph swing speed, there are only a few TPs made for them.


The Rescue Dual Hybrid

The Rescue Dual Hybrid offers the Movable Weight Technology. This means that weights can be moved on the club. It will help players to hit even a slice. It can also modify the ball’s trajectory.

This club’s head is small but has a moderate amount of forgiveness for the amateur players. This is made for golfers with swing speed between 55 to 105 mph. While this is good for professional golfers, it also caters to below average players. It also comes in four clubs: 2, 3, 4, and 5 hybrids.

The Rescue Dual TP Hybrid

The Rescue dual TP Hybrid driver is for those with swing speeds of 105 mph. it also has the movable weight system and a control gravity that is a bit higher than the Rescue Dual. This makes the ball flight lower.

The Rescue Dual TP is made for strong players as it helps them control the ball better. It also comes with four clubs.

The R7 Draw Rescue

The R7 Draw is specially designed for those who need to hit easy. This actually launches the ball high. It is for golfers with a swing speed between 55 to 105 mph.

The club head of the R7 Draw is large with a control gravity feature. There are also four types of this hybrid: 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids.

The hybrid Taylormade golf clubs is a great addition to put in your golf bag. This will help you perform more effectively and even learn easily if you are a beginner.

Taylormade golf offers huge varities on hybrid clubs at, which can help to you to perform better in game and it is also helful for the golf beginners.